Welcome to the majestic Highlands of Scotland, where big skies and mind-blowing landscapes define what is Western Europe’s last great wilderness.

There’s a haunting air of mystery that cloaks the Highlands, and the region’s turbulent history has left behind some of the most beautiful and romantic castles in the world.

The Highlands is a vast region that is sparsely populated with an abundance of nature and an unspoiled, untamable landscape that will take your breath away.

This is the land where the eagles and peregrines soar, ospreys, grouse and capercaillie flourish in their natural habitat, seals, whales, dolphins and otters frolic in the waters, seabirds dive for food, deer stalk the hills and red squirrels and pine martens forage the forest floors and canopies.

In just one day you can revel at the glistening turquoise waters at the world-famous beaches and the rugged peaks of the imposing of the West Coast mountains, as well as spend a leisurely afternoon in the city’s bustling shopping streets or take time to relax by the riverbanks with a picnic.

The highlands are also an adrenaline junkie’s paradise, whether it’s jumping out of a plane, leaping off a cliff, bagging a munro or plunging down a river rapid in an inflatable armchair, Scotland has boundless possibilities. Better still, it has the most incredible natural playground in which to do it.

With its abundance of fertile land, clear water and fresh air, this part of Scotland boasts a natural gourmet larder. Its seafood and fish – lobster, shellfish, wild salmon, trout and smoked specialities – are renowned the world over.

The Highlands really are the Scotland of your wildest imagination – come and discover it for yourself, what are you waiting for!